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Q. Do we ship internationally? 
A. We certainly do, Plazmaman products aren't just cleaning up on racetracks and the streets of Australia! Please contact us for a quote on freight to your area of the world.
Q. Are we able to supply different finishes in the one kit (e.g polished intercooler, black piping)
A. Yes we can, please contact us for a quote.

Q. Is bigger better?
A. Not always! Through our testing we have come to the conclusion that massive throttle bodies are not really required for street usage, we have seen 750+hp on one of our 66mm billet throttle bodies alone. Enough? Our hp rating should be used as a guideline, however with things like the water-to-air kits, they are best suited to overkill and us knowing the application is also a benefit. Example, circuit applications, W2A can be used but need a massive heat exchanger.

Q. Does Plazmaman manufacture in Australia? 

A. Yes, All of Plazmamans products including end tank design/construction, CNC machining and aluminium tube bending to name a few, gets manufactured in house at our Wetherill Park depot, some 5 mins away from WSID and Eastern Creek international Raceway.









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