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2JZ GTE PRO RACE Billet Intake Manifold

AUD $4,495.00

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When you need to hang with the heavy-hitters of the 2JZ world, it all begins with Plazmaman's Race Series 2JZ-GTE FULL BILLET Intake manifold!

In the last 5-10 years the Toyota 2JZ has become one of the most potent engines in the world Sports Compact scene. The 2JZ has single handedly been behind many world records and the development and pursuit of faster times is still on going. Plazmaman have been working alongside race teams and engine builders to fine tune the 2JZ inlet design over the last decade. What we have introduced now into the world market is one of the most robust and technically correct designs available. We have spent a large amount of time concentrating on 2 things; the first being the port size vs taper, and the second being the manifold dome volume.

                   "We Believe this design to be the leading FULL BILLET 2J intake in the industry" 


  • Lightweight and rigid design - 150+ Psi capability
  • Test fitted to work with Chassis vehicles and Engine Plates.
  • 1600-3000+ HP rated. 
  • Precision CNC machined billet Body
  • Integrated Burst panel
  • Morse cable mount adaptability
  • Large Volume suited for 60+ psi boost application
  • Compact design for its size
  • Dual Injector side by side design - can fit large body injectors
  • Monster Fuel rail -12AN big Bore for big HP 
  • O-ring port seal design.
  • Measured long taper runner + a big port design.
  • Will fit any LS102 Style Bolt pattern Throttle Body.
  • Ergonomic appeal.
  • Available in BLACK ANODIZED only 

*** PLAZMAMAN also has a range of Flow matched fuel injectors available in the Fuel System Section of this online shop - these will make a great addition to your intake purchase . Any Injector you can not see please feel free to email/contact us, as we can source them ***

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 15 cm
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