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3RZ Heavy Duty Valve Springs

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** As Used by Australia's leading Workshops - your guarantee of performance and reliability **

These Quality made PRO SPRINGS suit the Toyota 3RZ Twin Cam engine. Suitable for both NA and Turbo.

These springs are highly recommended for applications over 250rwkw , to help eliminate valve float. Valve float causes damage to valve stem seals and collets and retainers.

Once installed, a much more powerful and free revving top end power curve is possible. OEM valve springs have approx 50 psi seat pressure, once 15 psi is added to this equation (which acts against the valve spring), approximately only 35 psi seat pressure is left. This is nowhere near enough to keep the valves closed at high rpms.


  • New and Improved design
  • Direct replacement for the OEM spring - straight drop in
  • OEM retainers can be retained
  • NITRIDE TREATED and shot peened Spring.
  • 62lb seat pressure @ 35.2mm, 156lb @ 11.5mm Lift.

Premium quality - Quality Aussie made Drop in valve spring!

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm
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