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Artec – 2JZ-GTE Vband Exhaust Manifold

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One rule with ARTEC is that we don’t just follow the pack. This is shown again with the 2JZ V-Band Exhaust Manifold 

***** can be used with a Garrett, Precision or Tial V-Band Turbocharger - Adapters supplied to suit your turbo *****

The 2JZ-GTE compact manifold has been designed for guys wanting up to 500 - 900hp whilst keep as much response as possible.

Very easy access to all the nuts to reduce install time and cursing. All OEM fasteners can be used.

This manifold will accept turbos using a 50-55mm V-band inlet from as little at a G25-550 to G35-1050 and larger frame 6466 to 6870.

The wastegate port also uses our 44/45/46mm flanges to make it easy to source a wastegate, but to also allow for different designs, the manifold if you cut the standard flange off and weld a 50mm flange on will flow the full amount of a 50mm wastegate.

The manifold has been been designed to flow well above any other compact designs on the market and has been proven to hold flawless boost control using a 45mm wastegate at 30 psi.

  • Cast Stainless Construction
  • New design
  • 347 Stainless
  • Lifetime warranty (to original purchaser)

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Weight 8 kg
Dimensions 60 × 25 × 20 cm
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