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ARTEC EVO 4-9 4G63 Turbo Outlet

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One rule with ARTEC is that we don’t just follow the pack. This is shown again with our EVO Dump pipe, Cast Outlet, or 02 Housing, (Different countries have different names for them).

Virtually all the companies in the market (except for the new Tomei Version 2 Dump and front pipe) are designed to replace the original individual piece. This is a great concept for EVO tuning as it allows people on a budget to buy what they can, when they can. We saw was that 95% of the serious EVO guys and girls where changing both. So why make one work with the other and be restricted with the tiny original donut gasket/ with OEM dimensions. This is why we developed the ARTEC 3.5” Cast Outlet. We use a 3.5” V-Band on the outlet side for simple installation, as well as including a second 02 sensor mount for people wanting to run a wide band sensor without have to take parts off later and weld bits on which can quickly add up the cost. The other little feature we added was easy access to the lower nut, we have created enough space to use a ratchet spanner to do this up. You or your workshop/tuner will thank us later.

Once we had the 3.5” Cast Outlet finished, we could go ahead and join the dots up, make the sections to create the first true production 3.5” EVO Turbo back exhaust.

With the addition of the new front pipe and cat delete, we have been able to allow people to have far great boost control by having less back pressure on the wastegate exit path. We suggest anyone upping the power and boost to switch to an 18 psi or higher wastegate spring to aid in superior boost control.

  • Highest Flowing on the open market
  • Cast Stainless Construction
  • Additional Sensor location
  • New design
  • 304 Stainless
  • Lifetime warranty (to original purchaser)

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Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 15 cm
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