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Colorado 2.8L Hot Side Performance Upgrade Hose

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***** PLEASE confirm the length of the hard-pipe that this hose attaches to, as in the 2nd picture above. Holden changed the inlet length of the intercooler early in production and then returned the earlier design briefly during 2013-14 production. The inlet on these earlier style intercoolers is TOO SHORT to work with this hose *****

This Hot side replacement silicone hose is designed to replace the factory rubber item on the Holden Colorado 2.8L 2013 COMPLIANCE model and some 2015+ models.

This replaces the factory rubber hose off the turbo with a heavy duty high temperature silicone alternative with heavy duty reinforcement wire. Not only will it handle more temperature, but it is also has a SPECIAL OIL RESISTANT Internal lining !

It is extremely easy to fit, and comes with stainless breeze clamps.

Available in Black only

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 15 × 15 cm
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