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Ford Falcon FG/FGX Stage 4 Intercooler Kit (1400hp)

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Custom Product - Due to high demand please allow 5-7 weeks to manufacture this product.

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The ULTIMATE High HP, Race Intercooler Kit!

Plazmaman’s 1400hp intercooler kit is designed to suit the Ford Falcon XR6 FG models. This kit comes complete with the industries biggest flowing (1800hp capable) lightweight tube and fin PRO series intercooler (500x420x100mm), cold side piping kit and hot side piping. This kit utilizes the largest possible piping design, and uses or 2200 hp flowing intercooler . These intercoolers are commonly used in the majority of time attack and drag racing vehicles, with no compromise in quality or power capabilities.

Our 70-76mm hot side, and 76mm cold side piping kit is also included in this kit, which eliminates the factory rubber hose that goes from the intercooler to the turbocharger. This means the car is hard piped from the throttle body, all the way to the turbocharger. Hard piping allows for greater air flow, and it’s aluminium construction won’t collapse or flex under boost like a factory rubber constructed hose.

This Kit requires some metal cutting for the large 100mm Intercooler to fit. Unfortunately if you need to flow BIG HP some things have to be moved/trimmed in order to fit a intercooler capable of flowing the power.

The Intercooler & piping is available in raw, polished or stealth black finish. Silicone hoses are available in blue or black.

What’s Included:

  • Lightweight Tube & Fin PRO Series Intercooler (500 x 420 x 100)
  • 76mm Cold side piping
  • 70-76mm Hot side piping
  • Fitting Hardware (brackets, fasteners, wiring extension, silicone hose, clamps, fitting instructions)

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Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 85 × 40 × 30 cm
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