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Nissan FJ20 T3 Turbo Manifold

AUD $1,030.00

Custom Product - Due to high demand please allow 4-6 weeks to manufacture this product.

External Wastegate – Optional * 

Choose a wastegate to add to your manifold (44 or 45mm is recommended)

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6Boost High Mount Manifold to suit Nissan's FJ20DET Turbo engine

This manifold is manufactured with a T3 Single Entry Turbo Flange and a 45mm open wastegate provision outlet.

This manifold is supplied with a short wastegate starter pipe, designed to allow the fabricator to choose the size of the wastegate required, and the position the wastegate sits in. This is also why the manifolds do not have a wastegate flange welded to them. We highly recommend either a 44, 45 or 50mm wastegate be used from one of the ones available in our Wastegate section of the website shop.

Product Features:

  • Lifetime Warranty against cracking
  • Steam pipe Construction
  • Variable Wastegate Port Positioning option
  • Equal Length Runners
  • Internal high flow Merge Collector
  • Supplied with Manifold to Cylinder Head Studs, and Turbo Mounting Studs
  • Supplied with T3 Inlet Gasket
  • Fits 99% of Engine Converted Vehicles

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 55 × 30 × 30 cm
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