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Ford Falcon FG Turbo Throttle Body Elbow Replacement

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This throttle body replacement pipe is to suit the Ford Falcon FG Turbo models. This pipe replaces the factory plastic throttle body neck pipe which is prone to cracking and blowing off under increased boost pressure. The pipe utilizes the OEM sensor and blow off valve fitting. A silicone hose is also included, replacing the rubber throttle body hose, and a silicone reducer to mate up to your piping kit.

PLEASE NOTE - The Throttle Body Elbow Replacement Pipe will not mate to the OEM plastic piping. You will need an aftermarket piping kit/cold side piping kit to suit. We can supply a silicone hose reducer to adapt your existing aftermarket piping kit to this elbow replacement pipe. Please choose your current piping size from the drop down menu.

Installation of this pipe is under 5 minutes.

The Throttle body elbow is available in stealth black only.

The silicone hose is available in two colours, blue or black.

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Weight 1.8 kg
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 cm
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