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GFB FX-S Fuel Pressure Regulator – Ford Falcon Direct Replacement

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Direct Bolt-on 800Hp rated Fuel pressure regulator - Direct Bolt-on GFB FX-S 800Hp rated Fuel pressure regulator for the Barra BA-BF-FG falcons - Simply remove original retaining clip and fit GFB item straight into the OEM position.

This gives you full adjustment ability of your factory fuel system, which is necessary when adding fuel pumps such as the large volume Bosch 044, Pierburg drive pumps and also walbro 460 style in -tank lift/drive pump upgrades.

This is only compatible with the original steel Factory fuel rail. If you need one for our range of high flow Aluminium rails and kits, please purchase in the fuel component section the FX-R and FX-D regulator as required.


  • 1:1 fuel pressure rise rate
  • Double layer/double reinforced diaphragms with a burst strength exceeding 1000psi
  • Teflon co-polymer seat with stainless valve to retain fuel pressure longer after shut down
  • Spring pre-load adjustment screw is o-ring sealed and does not leak vacuum/boost
  • Static pressures adjustable from 28psi to 72psi
  • Completely serviceable
  • Multiple body ports allow for a large variety of setup options
  • Features 2x 1/8 NPT ports for fuel inlet/s, 2x 1/8” NPT ports for pressure gauge and/or ECU sensor, and 1x 1/8NPT return port

What sets GFB regs apart from the competition? Well, if you’re looking for an EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator that seals and behaves just like your factory unit but with the added reliability and high flowing capacity you require, then look no further than the FX-D.

How have we achieved this? Our engineers have spent countless hours developing a unique replaceable co-polymer valve seat. What does this mean?Conventional aftermarket performance Fuel Pressure Regulators typically utilize a metal-to-metal valve and seat which by nature will not positively hold pressure when your engine is shut down, which can make startup more difficult.

At Go Fast Bits, we have incorporated a softer, more compliant yet resilient material for the valve seat, which will always positively seal and hold fuel pressure on shut down, designed to give factory-like sealing and reliable startup, as well as superior fuel resistance suitable for Unleaded, Ethanol, Methanol, and Diesel fuels.

We also use a double layer diaphragm, which means we have twice the reinforcing material, and as a result the burst strength exceeds 1000psi!

The FX-D also offers multiple fuel inlet and gauge ports that allow for a wide range of fuel system setups beyond the usual inlet/outlet, including parallel fuel rail or returnless “deadhead” systems. The two gauge ports allow you to run a mechanical fuel pressure gauge AND an ECU fuel

pressure sensor if you want to.

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