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Honda K20 K24 Exhaust Manifold – Vband Sidewinder

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One of the design aspects we really wanted to have was keeping the turbo square to the engine and not having the inlet of the turbo facing towards the center line of the engine.

Also we wanted to have the best in class for boost control without going to a massive wastegate. The manifold will come machined to suit the 44/45/46mm waste range yet also allow the customer to cut the flange off and run a 50mm unit if desired. The internal sizing and flow will still out flow a 50mm unit.

We also believe this feature to be an industry first: a 4" down pipe with clearance for LHD brake master cylinders and their booster. It also allows wastegate plumb back and provision for a wideband to screw in.

On the manifold there is a mount near the turbo flange that allows the customer to make an extra brace to support the weight of the turbo system.

On the dump and manifold there are provisions to run a brace to keep the weight of the dump off the V-Band flange. The dump is machined for a 3.5" V-Band flange to make it easy for a full 3.5" exhaust or 3" system to be fabbed up. The manifold will also come with our innovative 50-55mm V-Band mounting system to allow turbos as small as a G25 through to a 6870 or down the track we will be releasing a weld on piece that will allow 70mm V-Band flanges to go on so you can run the big boi turbos like @garrettmotion G40 G42 and G45's or @precisionturbo 6870 all the way up to 8685's.

  • Cast Stainless Construction
  • New design
  • 347 Stainless
  • Lifetime warranty (to original purchaser)

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Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 70 × 25 × 20 cm
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