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Nitto RB Billet Oil Pump – External Adjustment – BLACK

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Ever since its addition into the Nitto Oil Pump product range, the fully externally adjustable billet RB oil pump has been a significant success. There are a range of features that this billet oil pump has separating it from its competitors, as Nitto uses years and years of knowledge acquired through their cast pumps and directly apply that to their billet one.

The housing itself is machined from aerospace grade billet 7075 series alloy, as opposed to the less effective and cheaper 6000 series billet alloys used elsewhere. We conducted much research in order to conclude that the 7075 was the superior option. In actual fact, our testing revealed that the expansion rates from the cast housing to a prototype 6000 series housing were virtually identical, and the expansion of the 7075 was virtually zero.

Revised oil galleries inside the housing with tighter clearances allow the pump to be run with greater oil pressure, furthering the capabilities of the externally adjustable valve. The pump also features the option to utilise an external pickup with a -10AN feed into the housing to maximise the oil flow through the pump. The internal and external pickup can be used simultaneously, or you can choose to run the internal or external feeds by themselves.

  • Made from Aerospace Grade 7075 Billet Alloy.
  • Perfect for high RPM and Huge horsepower.
  • External relief valve which makes adjusting oil pressure a breeze, no need to remove the sump anymore!
  • Billet 7075 backing plate.
  • Comes in either Flat Drive or Sine Drive (Choose from the options).
  • Gasket and seal included.
  • Comes finished in either Black or Silver.

Suits the following engines:

  • RB20
  • RB25
  • RB25 Neo
  • RB26
  • RB30


  • Nissan Skyline R32
  • Nissan Skyline R33
  • Nissan Skyline R34

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