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Plazmaman Dmax 2020+ Intercooler

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Custom Product - Due to high demand please allow 5-7 weeks to manufacture this product.

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Plazmaman Dmax 2020+ model bolt on replacement performance intercooler UPGRADE .

The OEM Dmax Intercooler is a Tiny 665x180x62mm unit with Plastic tank on one side that is Prone to failure under rugged conditions and additional boost.

At Plazmaman, we realised that a larger surface area core was required to cater for all performance based conditions, including towing and 4wding.

Featuring a premium quality HIGH FLOW 680x260x62mm rugged design Intercooler core that is designed specifically for the high demands of the diesel engine.

By increased surface area by up to 36.5% over the standard factory item. This allows for larger boost increases and much better controlled EGTs, especially when towing large trailers. The intercooler itself is a direct no-fuss bolt in item and is compatible with all after market Bull bars and winches.


  • 680x260x62mm Intercooler - quality Plazmaman Intercooler


        The Intercooler is available in raw or stealth black finish.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 85 × 40 × 20 cm
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