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PRP RB 25/26 4WD WET BRACE-suit 4WD

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The Platinum Racing Engine Cradle (PREC) has been constructed from hi-grade aircraft quality billet aluminum and the product has several features that benefit.

The Platinum Brace overlays and supports the factory main cap cradle, and main caps cease walking!, have you ever noticed shiny mating surfaces of your block and main caps? The mains are walking and moving enough to polish the mating surfaces. The platinum block brace ties in the OEM cap cradle and stops the walk.

The standard main girdle is a great design and should be retained as a one-piece item, then strengthened with the PREC, as main bearing cap walk, or movement, may be experienced otherwise. There is also a valid argument for the use of a similar metal when it comes to the main caps and expansion / contraction of dissimilar metals when you consider a billet cap, different metals expand at different rates, Cast Iron blocks should have cast iron main caps, the harder the cap, the less shock is absorbed, the more detonation becomes critical as it has no place to go but into the rods.

We recommend this system up to 1000 wheel HP, then our integrated main cap brace over 1000 hp.

Aftermarket diffs crack blocks! it’s a fact, the Platinum Block brace will not only stop block twist, but stops the diff snapping the block under load, energy is dissipated through your 40mm thick integrated and webbed brace, blocks cracking and snapping become a thing of the past!

The bolt kit is included with the brace however the APR upgrade kit is extra if it is required

*PLEASE NOTE: 1/2 inch ARP upgrade, requires block machining for fitment.

  • The kit is available in our standard colour Black , other colours can be ordered custom order ( Please allow 2-7 days)

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Weight 7 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 10 cm
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