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PRP RB2 Head Drain & Coolant

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RB Double Head drain kit

This well-engineered piece of gear is specifically designed to maximize fluid flow out of the back of the Nissan RB cylinder head where it needs it most. Everyone has seen an aftermarket head drain, but this ticks all the boxes, this new PRP unit allows oil drainage to the left or the right or both, which works well for the dry-sump user.

More importantly, water flow, a dire must for all race, semi grout and full grout filled block applications that still run a wet head.The PRP head drain kit allows you to run a -10 line out of the back of the head to a swirl or header tank system, which dramatically improves water flow and temperature equalization throughout the cylinder head.

The PRP head drain kit does allow you to block any option that is not required, you are also able to run -6, -8, -10 fittings in any of the ports to suit your set up.

The kit comes with:

Billet Head drain available in Red, PRP Purple, Black, Silver.

2 x -10 AN fittings

1 x -10 port-style inner hex bung

bolt and o ring kit.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm
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