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PRP LS1-RB Alternator Kit

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PRP LS1-RB alternator conversion kit

You may be aware that Nissan RB series engines came out from the factory with between 35 and 90 Amps in the later model RB26.

With today technology and horsepower figures being produced out of RB Engines you can very quickly consume 90 A with more than one fuel pump late model ECU And ignition hardware and a set of headlights.

The LS1 alternator produces 140 A and is a cheap viable upgrade for the RB Engine with a good quality conversion kit.

this new kit has been specifically designed to eliminate the requirement of both alternator bracket and conversion kit for your LS1 alternator, Now all integrated Into one good looking simple solution that allows your alternator to come in and hug the block as much as possible

Kit comes complete with billet alternator bracket with adjusting hardware a 20% reduction alternator pulley to suit RB 4 rib belts, and meet new adjusting system and extremely easy and quick to fit.

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Weight 1.1 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 cm
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