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Throttle Body Weld on Flanges

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CNC machined billet throttle body flanges available to suit our billet range of throttle bodies and OEM aftermarket throttle bodies. All flanges are 16mm thick, pre-tapped, and manufactured in 6061 grade aluminium. The smooth taper flowing into the plenum provides the best possible flow available.

Our Flange range consists of:

  • Ford EA/XF
  • Holden RB30 VL Turbo
  • Nissan RB25DET R33
  • Bosch Motorsports DBW 32mm
  • Bosch Motorsports DBW 60mm
  • Bosch Motorsports DBW 68mm
  • Bosch Motorsports DBW 74mm
  • Bosch Motorsports DBW 82mm
  • Ford Ba/Bf DBW
  • Ford Ba/BF XR8 DBW
  • Ford Fg DBW
  • LS series 90mm
  • LS Series 102mm
  • Plazmaman 60mm
  • Plazmaman 66mm
  • Plazmaman 72mm
  • Plazmaman 85mm (Q45)
  • Plazmaman 97mm
  • Plazmaman 120mm

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Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 15 × 15 × 15 cm
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