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Turbosmart Electronic StraightGate ESG50 External Wastegate

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The StraightGate50 eSG50 from Turbosmart is a 50mm (1.97in) butterfly valve style external wastegate for turbocharged engines. The StraightGate50 provides more flow than any conventional 60mm poppet style valve while also providing more control and almost linear response for unparalleled boost control throughout the entire operating range. This is Boost Control re-imagined!


50mm (1.97in) Butterfly Valve

Full Electronic Control

Liquid Actuator Cooling Provision

Strap Type V-Band Clamps

User Adjustable Actuator Position

Endless Boost Control Strategies

Onboard (0-5v) Actuator Temperature Sensor

Onboard (0-5v) Valve Position Sensor

7 Wire Unterminated Flying Lead loom

Size 1/8NPT

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 20 × 15 × 12 cm
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