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VL Pro Series Tube & Fin Intercooler & Plenum Kit

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Custom Product - Due to high demand please allow 4-6 weeks to manufacture this product.

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Plazmaman's Lightweight Tube & Fin Intercooler & Top Half Plenum Kit is designed to suit the RB30 Holden VL Commodore. The kit is rated up to 1000hp.

This intercooler & plenum kit is for those who have upgraded turbochargers, and want to run high boost pressures. The kit utilizes a lightweight (6.8kgs) race spec tube and fin 600mm x 300mm x 76mm intercooler core. Also included, is a complete CNC mandrel bent piping system, which allows for greater air flow, and it’s aluminium construction won’t collapse or flex under boost like a factory rubber constructed hose. Thanks to the plenum design, air is drawn from all sides of ram tube, meaning the power gain is sustained throughout the entire mid and top end rpm range. The plenum design allows the factory throttle cable, and idle motor to be retained. Included with the plenum is a stud and bolt kit, vacuum fittings and complete fitting instructions.

***IMPORTANT - RUNNER TYPE SELECTION: We strongly recommend confirming if your engine is using an N/A (RB30E) or Turbo (RB30ET) lower intake runner section. Genuine factory turbo (RB30ET) and N/A (RB30E) runners are different and require a different intake plenum. A turbo runner plenum will not fit on N/A runners and vice-versa. Just because your VL is turbocharged does not mean it's a genuine factory turbo RB30ET engine.***

This kit was developed to suit all street, strip, drift and high horsepower applications, using low or high mount turbochargers. The kit will fit the factory turbocharger, and most common manifold and turbo combinations (6boost manifold using GT30R / GT35R / GTX35 / GTW36 / GTW38 / T04Z etc) with the compressor housing outlet facing straight down. If you're looking at running a specifically unique manifold, or larger turbochargers, please specify upon ordering. Or, Contact Us for advice before ordering.

  • 600x300x76mm PRO Series Tube and Fin Intercooler
  • 70mm Hot and Cold side piping kit
  • Plazmaman Top Half Inlet plenum
  • All accessories (Silicone hoses, clamp, brackets, Bolts/nuts)

***IMPORTANT - You are fitting an intercooler to a car that was not fitted with one from factory. Cutting and drilling of the body WILL BE REQUIRED. If you are concerned with originality and future resale value, don't modify your car. A Single Hole has to be drilled on the drivers side for the top intercooler pipe to pass through and a side hole on the passengers side for the turbo hot pipe to fit - See pictures.***


We can also weld a Blow Off Valve adaptor on the piping to suit the most common sizes on the market, 25mm, 32mm, 34mm or 38mm (excludes flange style BOV).

The Intercooler kit is available in raw, polished or stealth black finish. Silicone hoses are available in blue or black.

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Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 85 × 40 × 20 cm
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