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New Release – Ford Barra Retro Inlet Manifold

NEW RELEASE – We have just completed manufacturing of our all new billet inlet manifold to suit the Ford Falcon Barra engine.  This Specific Inlet manifold is to suit the customers who have put the Barra 4L engine into a retro mod old school vehicle. We have a range of different style domes we can use/fit to suit all conversions, such as Cortinas, Capris, X series falcons and even Japanese models.

Complete with a single or dual feed rail, these lightweight manifolds are not only visually appealing, but perform well above the factory inlet manifold. These manifolds can be manufactured to suit a number of our billet throttle bodies, and can be combined with our alloy bends piping , intercoolers, and other products in our range. Available in raw finish, polished, or black for that stealth look.

All Plazmaman inlet manifolds are precision tig welded by experts in house at our Sydney Facility. Through our ability of manufacturing in house, we are able to guarantee these inlets with a life time workmanship warranty. These are rated to 100psi at any RPM level you choose.



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