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New release – GTST RB25 Billet Intake manifold

NEW RELEASE – Plazmaman GTST R33 and R34 NEO head Full Billet Runner (to the head) Inlet manifold – 6 Injector Style. 

Our RB25 manifold is designed as a stand alone manifold, so the factory Over the rocker cover Inlet is totally removed, and this manifold is bolted directly to the cylinder head using a single throttle body operation to maximize airflow. The manifold can be designed to suit a number of our universal throttle bodies, which can be selected whilst ordering, or you can select None if you have your own throttle body. This ensures the manifold is designed exactly how you require.

The engineers here at Plazmaman Australia headquarters had only one thing in mind when they designed the Nissan RB25 Inlet manifold – to release a premium quality item that ticks all the boxes. Plazmaman inlet manifolds utilize some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Multi axis HAAS CNC machines ensure that all the one piece billet bases have tolerances to within .005. The inlet manifold dome utilizes a hard temper 3mm sheet alloy surface that has been made to shape in house with advanced forming techniques.

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