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New Release – Twin Rail 2JZ Intake Manifold

NEW RELEASE – Our Twin Rail Billet Intake manifold for the 2JZ has officially been released! These inlet manifolds were designed utilizing over 25 years experience at the forefront of turbo racing. We took all areas of design into account – which include ram tube length, taper and inlet volume.

We can also vary the Plenum dome volume to suit your power and torque needs.

All Plazmaman inlet manifolds and products are precision tig welded by experts in house at our Sydney Facility. Through our ability of manufacturing in house we are able to guarantee these inlets with a life time workmanship warranty. These are rated to 100psi + at any RPM level you choose. Plazmaman inlet manifolds utilize some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques. Multi axis HAAS CNC  machines ensure that all the one piece billet bases have tolerances to within .005. The inlet manifold dome utilizes a hard temper 3mm sheet alloy surface that has been made to shape in house  utilising advanced forming techniques.

For more details please look in the Toyota Intake manifold section.


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