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  • Ross 1jz 2jz

    ROSS Harmonic Damper 1JZ/2JZ

    AUD $709.00
  • Ross 4g63

    ROSS Harmonic Damper 4G63

    AUD $655.00
  • Ross Rb

    ROSS Harmonic Damper RB26 R33/R34 GTR

    AUD $885.00
  • Ross Rb

    ROSS Harmonic Damper RB30

    AUD $620.00
  • Ross Ej20

    ROSS Harmonic Damper Subaru EJ20/EJ25

    AUD $630.00
  • Ross Tb48

    ROSS Harmonic Damper TB48 12T

    AUD $1,229.00
  • Chain 1 Website

    Atomic HD Timing Chain

    AUD $220.00
  • Atomic Induction Hardened Crankshaft Sprocket

    AUD $220.00
  • Atomic Tensioner

    Atomic POSI-STOP H/Duty Chain Tensioner

    AUD $279.00
  • Atomic Inlet Manifold Gasket “Thick Type”

    AUD $38.00
  • Atomic MLS Exhaust Gasket

    AUD $56.00
  • Plazmaman Barra Billet Oil Pump Gears

    AUD $465.00
  • Barra Oil Pump

    Plazmaman – Barra Billet Oil pump

    AUD $1,695.00
  • Prp Rb Trigger Kit Full No Cas

    PRP RB26 RB Twin Cam – Full Trigger Kit (No CAS Bracket)

    AUD $1,050.00
  • Prp Rb30 Cam Trigger Kit Full

    PRP RB30 Cam Trig incl CAS BRK

    AUD $1,290.00
  • Prp Jz Coil Kit

    PRP 1JZ and 2JZ Coil kits

    AUD $1,380.00
  • Prp Barra Coil Kit

    PRP Barra Coil Kit + Loom

    AUD $1,550.00
  • Prp Rb Coil Full Kit

    PRP RB20 RB25 RB26 (Not NEO) R35 Coil Kit + Loom kit

    AUD $1,380.00
  • Prp Rb Coil Full Kit

    PRP RB25 NEO R35 Coil Kit + Loom

    AUD $1,380.00
  • Prp Rb30 Coil Kit 2

    PRP RB30 – R35 Coil Kit and loom

    AUD $1,380.00
  • Prp Honda B Coil Kit

    PRP Honda B Series R35 Coil Kit

    AUD $1,090.00
  • Prp Evox 4b11 Coil Kit

    PRP EVO 10 4B11 Coil Kit

    AUD $1,090.00
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