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Garrett G30-770 Turbo

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Rear housing and rotation * 

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Introducing performance out of a package you never thought possible. This clean sheet product is tailored to meet the demands of hard core racing enthusiasts while providing industry leading power capability in a small package.

  • Garret G series compressor aerodynamics for maximum HP
  • New turbine wheel aerodynamics improved flow and boost response;
  • Turbine wheel flows 15-20% more than GTX peak efficiency of 74%
  • Turbine wheel constructed of Mar-m Alloy rated for 1055deg C
  • Stainless Steel turbine housings T25 & V-band options, intergrated wastegates and non-wastegated versions
  • OIl restrictor & water fittings included
  • New twin piston ring oil seals on bearing cartridge
  • New centre housing v-band to turbine housing clamping
  • Multiple large water jacket port connection points
  • Fully machined speed senor & pressure ports


  • Compressor Inducer: 58mm
  • Compressor Exducer: 71mm
  • Compressor Trim: 65
  • Compressor A/R: 0.72
  • Turbine Inducer: 60mm
  • Turbine Exducer: 55mm
  • Turbine Trim: 84

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 32 cm
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