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Plazmaman Dmax MY20+Intercooler kit

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    Plazmaman Dmax MY20 model bolt on replacement performance intercooler kit .

Featuring a premium quality HIGH FLOW 665 x220 x 63mm Intercooler core that is designed specifically for the high demands of the diesel engine. Increased Internal core fin structure and added core thickness has effectively increased surface area by up to 70% over the standard factory item. This allows for larger boost increases and much better controlled EGTs, especially when towing large trailers. The intercooler itself is a direct no-fuss bolt in item and is compatible with all after market Bull bars and winches. High quality larger diameter piping also is supplied to aid air flow to the engine.

Our testing of this core size has shown a 8-12 deg rise above ambient temperature (26 degree day) across the whole rpm range. On road tow testing resulted in 16 approx deg above ambient range  This is a massive improvement considering the OEM ranger Intercooler was showing temperatures well above 70+ deg.


  • 665x220x63mm quality Plazmaman Intercooler
  • 36.5% cooling Surface area increase over OEM item
  • Reinforced Oil resistant Cold Side hose
  • Reinforced Oil resistant Hot Side hose
  • Hose clamps
  • Hi Flow Cast Throttle Body Elbow (Optional extra)
  • Hi Flow Turbo Intake Hose (Optional extra)

The Intercooler is available in raw or stealth black finish.


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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 85 × 40 × 24 cm
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