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RB26 Heavy Duty Valve Springs

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  ** As Used by Australia's leading Workshops - your guarantee of performance and reliability **

These PRO SPRINGS suit the Nissan RB26 Twin Cam engine.

These springs are highly recommended for applications over 250rwkw , to help eliminate valve float. Valve float causes damage to valve stem seals and collets and retainers.

Once installed, a much more powerful and free revving top end power curve is possible. OEM valve springs have approx 40-45 psi seat pressure, once 15 psi is added to this equation (which acts against the valve spring), approximately only 25-30 psi seat pressure is left. This is nowhere near enough to keep the valves closed at high rpms.


  • New and Improved design 
  • Direct replacement for the OEM spring - straight drop in
  • OEM retainers can be retained
  • NITRIDE TREATED and shot peened Spring.
  • 37.2mm - 85-90Lbs (26.1mm-215lbs)

      Premium quality - Quality Aussie made Drop in valve spring!

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Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm
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